• Homemade fried Shan tofu with tamarind Soya sauce
• Lime and chili cured red snapper with cucumber jelly (Burmese ceviche)
• Pickled tealeaf salad (lah pet toke)
(veg or with dried shrimp and fish sauce)
• Squid with spicy papaya salad
• Lightly seared beef salad with basil, mint, coriander and sprout
• Bomra’s spicy tuna larb
(Tuna cubes lightly seared and tossed with basil, coriander and kafir lime-leaf)
• Grilled aubergine and herbs salad
• Burmese tomato salad
• Crispy battered fried sardine with tamarind soya sauce
• Crackling pork, pomelo and pomegranate salad
• Spicy raw mango salad with groundnuts, fish sauce and dried shrimp


• Straw mushroom, lychee, water-chestnut, spinach, and coconut curry
• Mussels curry with coconut milk, lemongrass, chili and coriander
• Duck curry with sweet tamarind and groundnut shoot.
• Slow cooked belly pork cashew nut crust, lentils, spinach apple chutney
• Snapper with lemon grass, chili, fish sauce steamed to perfection
• Soya glazed grilled beef-fillet, garlic beans and mild curry sauce
• Roasted black pomfret with blackbean paste.
• Chicken with shitaki mushroom cooked in banana leaf.
• Moghinga (classic Burmese fish soup with rice vermicelli,boiled egg, fish cake and gourd fritter)
• Ohnohkawksuey (Burmese coconut noodle soup with chicken, boiled egg,fish cake and gourd fritter)

side orders

• Steamed Rice
• Stir-fry greens
• Burmese rice salad (thamin let toke) with papaya, dried shrimp and fish sauce
Coconut rice with green pea


• Coconut and jackfruit panacota
• Lemon grass and ginger crème brulee
• Spiced poached figs and frozen yoghurt


Bomra’s offer a selection of some of most prestigious Indian wines, including Indage, Sula and Grover estates. A wide selection of imported wines and spirits are also offered.

Cocktails at Bomra’s are really something special. Perhaps you’d like a Pomegranate Margarita to start, or maybe a Lychee Martini. Whatever your poison Bomra’s will have a modern or classic cocktail that will surely meet your approval.